Respect for the environnement and our terroir is the reasoning behind our use of integrated vinegrowing techniques throughout the year on Domaine de Colette.

During winter, when the vines are at rest, we shallow-plough between the rows ; Cthis mixes in any organic additions made to the soil as well as discouraging surface root growth making the roots do down deep to draw on the wealth that our terroir brings our wines.

After analysis of the soil we may add in organic matter and or lime to correct any acidity in the soil; we never use chemical fertiliser.

Araignée sur la vigne

We regularly visit each of our plots during the growth cycle to count parasites and their predators. Doing this means that we can intervene when, and only when, the tolerance level is exceeded.

We green harvest, meaning to thin the bunches of unripe grapes, to regulate the yield and so that when the remaining bunches are picked at optimum ripeness they are perfectly healthy. Finally, before vatting, the bunches are sorted a last time on a sorting table.

For us each job in the vines throughout the year must be done as part of our overall aim as to what we want from our products and for nature making ours :