Grape Variety : Gamay noir à jus blancBeaujolais village classique

Soil : Granitic (pink granite)

Aspect : South – Southeast

Average vine age : 45 years old

Keepng : from 2 to 4 years

Manual harvest



After selective sorting of the harvested grapes before vatting on a sorting table, the bunches of grapes are vatted whole (no de-stalking or crushing).

They are vinified using traditional Beaujolais methods, where the bunches are kept whole throughout vatting, which lasts 7 to 8 days.

In this way we craft a ruby-coloured Beaujolais-Villages with pleasant red fruit aromas (raspberry, red currant, strawberry). The tannins are supple and blend in beautifully. This fruity wine will be tasty all the time of day.


Served at 12° or 13°.

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