Our Vines

As we are anxious to preserve the terroirs and our vines, and are aware of the needs of the environment, we have been using eco-friendly or ‘integrated’ vinegrowing and tending techniques for many years now.

Upkeep of our soil is carried out using exclusively vegetal-based fertilizer; we shallow-plough between the vines during plant dormancy to force the roots down into the subsoil (through this, our wines reflect each terroir the grapes come from).
Many of our vineyards are grassed to prevent erosion.
Each treatment is carefully thought out, and no treatment is ever carried out unless a certain infection or pest threshold has been reached.

To be able to do this, constant observation and vigilance in the vines is a must.

Jacky Gauthier in his estate

Jacky Gauthier in his estate

Our Wine

Though « is no good wine without good grapes » it is vinification that makes the difference and highlights each wine’s personality.
After an exclusively manual harvest that ensures that each bunch is kept whole, we systematically sort the grapes on a sorting table before vatting.

Sorting table

Sorting table


We vinify with the classical Beaujolais technique using whole bunches of grapes (no crushing or de-stalking), this ancestral technique allows us to obtain the aromas and flavors that are typical of our region.

Depending on the appellation and the wine we are aiming for (aromatic or structured), we choose the vatting times (7 to 15 days), and control fermentation temperatures (each fermentation vat on the estate is equipped with temperature regulation). After careful pressing (using a pneumatic press), our wines finish alcoholic fermentation in the vats they will spend the winter in to stabilize naturally.




We bottle the wine in the following spring. The bottles are then laid down in our cellars for a while, before we consider them ready for release.

For a number of years now, Domaine de Colette has gained recognition for the quality of its wines. The many awards and prizes won at different competitions are proof of this.

For example, Marie Grézard wrote in the March 2000 n°338 of Gault et Millau for winemaker of the year :

« Jacky Gauthier deserves a prize. Any of the following would be appropriate, oldest young vinegrower-winemaker – not yet 37 and he’s been in his profession for 20 years, as his father had him emancipated at 17 -, cleanest chai or sorting table champion (there are only a handful of Beaujolais winemakers competing in this category!). Choose whichever category you want because he excels in them all. In addition to his Régnié, he crafts Beaujolais-Villages that should be tasted by anybody who wants to know what Beaujolais-Villages really is, and Morgon in homeopathic quantities in quite a light style. »

The Jean Guillermet Cup is awarded at the Concours des 2 Bouteilles in Villefranche/Saône. It is presented to the Best Beaujolais-Villages of the year. This cup commemorates the memory of Jean Guillermet, who was one of the Beaujolais region’s great ambassadors. It was given to us for our 1998 and 2005 vintages.

The Jean Guillermet Cup is to Beaujolais what the Oscars are to cinema.